Sunday, August 3, 2008

Top 10 80's music

feel good music came from the 80's...who can ever forget the great hits of madonna, michael jackson, toni basil, spandau ballet, bananarama and WHOLE LOT MORE!

the 80's is simply the best decade of music!

so here goes my top 10 all-time favorite 80's hits (i wish i could have 20 but, well, i gotta be true to my blog theme)...hmm, make a part 2 maybe?...hehe...

1. WAITING GAME by Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister was formed by Andy Connell and Martin Jackson in 1985...just before they started their first single, Corinne Drewery joined the duo...Waiting Game was a hit in the U.K. in 1989 from their second album Kaleidoscope World...

i super like this song, even had it played over and over almost the entire day...=D

oh, i just remember...i once had my hair cut like that of Corinne when i was little...(can't believe i did the Egyptian-look!)

2. STATE OF THE NATION by Industry

did you know that Industry only had one album?...yup,'s entitled Stranger to Stranger...their hit single, State of the Nation, broke through European charts between 1983 and was also a hit here in Asia...


the song is Bananarama's biggest-selling single in their native even became 3rd place in the UK singles chart...Love in the First Degree also became a top-10 success in Australia and earned a top-20 placing in New Zealand...although it missed the top-40 in the US, it was a top-10 club's that for a worldwide success?!

4. ROUND AND ROUND by Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet isn't a group of ballerinas...hehe...the group (might've been a 'boy-band' had it been well-known now) was a popular British band in the 80's...their music was initially inspired by a mixture of funk and synthpop but eventually mellowed into a mainstream pop act...

Round and Round came from their 'Parade' album and was a hit in even placed 18 in the UK singles chart and 16 in the Australia singles chart

5. STREET BEAT by Toni Basil

6. HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH by Belinda Carlisle

7. BEAT IT by Michael Jackson

8. KARMA CHAMELEON by Boy George

9. BORDERLINE by Madonna

10. TELEFONE by Sheena Easton

whew! so, there you go! i hope i had the BEST of the BEST!...i SUPER ENJOYED this top 10! i hope you did too! =D

Saturday, July 26, 2008

TOP 10 LOBO quotes

LOBO is a teleserye here in the Phils. top-billed by Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin

i've listed down the top 10 Lobo, these might not be the ultimate, ultimate top lines (i might have missed some) but these definitely made an impact in the entire show...

hay, i now miss Lobo...

1. "Hindi sa tala sa langit, kundi sa buwang nakasilip, ibigay ang hiling ng matang nakapikit." - Noah and Lyka

2. "Sorry is noble, but weak." - Lady Elle

3. "Ginagawa ko 'to, dahil mahal mo siya, at dahil mahal kita." - Gabby

4. "Ako si Lyka Raymundo, anak ng itim na lobo, apo ng pinakamalakas na ako ang Huling Bantay!" - Lyka

5. "Isipin mo na bukas ay Lyka Raymundo Ortega na ang tawag sa 'yo. Apo ng puti, anak ng itim, ang Huling Bantay at asawa ng bantay sa Huling Bantay." - Noah

6. "Noah, kung wala ka rin naman sa buhay ko, anong pinagkaiba ng mundong 'to dun sa dilim na pinanggalingan ko?" - Lyka

7. "Gusto ko uling makita kung sino ka at ano ka. Gusto ko lang itama ang lahat, Lyka." - Noah

8. "If you stand your ground, nobody can push you around." - Lady Elle

9. "Lyka, sa dami ng pinagdaanan nating dalawa, sa mga sandaling malungkot, masaya...mga sandaling puno ng pagsubok mula umpisa hanggang sa ngayon, hanggang sa huling hininga ko, ikaw at ang pagmamahal mo ang naging dahilan kaya ako naging matatag. Ang pagmamahal mo ang dahilan kung bakit ako nandito ngayon sa mundo." - Noah

10. "Noah, ipinapangako ko na ibibigay ko ang lahat ng ako ng buong-buo para sa 'yo habang-buhay. At kung saka-sakali man na mabuhay ulit ako sa ibang panahon, sa ibang pagkakataon, ikaw pa rin yung hahanapin ko. Ikaw pa rin yung mamahalin ko...dahil sa puso ko, sa isip, sa kaluluwa, wala akong alam na ibang mamahalin kundi ikaw." - Lyka